To advance the interests of the Philippines and the Filipino People in the World Community.



We implement foreign policy with the highest standards of professionalism and commitment. We build partnerships with national security and development agencies, think-tanks, and the academe, the private sector, the media and civil society in the interest of the Filipino nation and the people.  We are the partners of Filipinos overseas in the pursuit of the national interest and in the promotion and protection of their rights and well-being. We have a highly responsive system which ensures effective delivery of services. We are committed to the personal, professional and career development of each employee. In pursuit of our goals, we strive for and live by the principles of excellence, integrity and patriotism.


For those seeking to avail of the Embassy's services, following are some basic information on the requirements and procedures:

1 Passport

2 Acknowledgement v2

3 Authentication

4 Civil Registry

5 Notarial

6 Visa

7 Fees