The Philippines and Myanmar established diplomatic relations on 29 September 1956, followed by the opening of the Philippine Embassy in Yangon (then Rangoon) on 25 August 1958. The Myanmar Embassy in Manila, on the other hand, was opened in 1967.

The following headed the Philippines' diplomatic mission to Myanmar:

Amb. Manuel A. Adeva (non-resident in Bangkok)

29 September 1956 to 15 August 1958

Minister Narciso G. Reyes

16 August 1958 to 15 March 1962

Amb. Benjamin T. Tirona

17 April 1962 to 30 March 1968

Amb. Pablo A. Peña

8 February 1969 to 20 January 1976

Amb. Constante Ma. Cruz

21 December 1978 to 5 April 1986

Amb. Alfredo L. Almendrala

3 November 1986 to 25 November 1989

Amb. Rosalinda V. Tirona

12 July 1990 to 28 August 1993

Amb. Rosario V. Cariño

2 September 1993 to 17 October 1994

Amb. Sonia C. Brady

24 April 1995 to 22 July 1999

Amb. Phoebe A. Gomez

15 May 2000 to 31 December 2006

Amb. Noel C. Cabrera

11 May 2007 to 9 April 2009

Amb. Ma. Hellen B. De La Vega

11 September 2009 to 30 October 2012

Amb. Alex G. Chua

22 February 2013 to Present


The Embassy’s Chancery moved to its present location at No. 7 Gandamar Street, Yankin Township, Yangon in November 2013 due to rising cost of rental fees. Prior to this, it was located for 11 years, at No. 50 Sayar San Road, Bahan Township, Yangon.

In January 2014, the Philippines reopened in Myanmar the resident Office of the Defense and Armed Forces Attache at the same compound.

The Ambassador is assisted by ten capital-based staff, including two foreign service officers, and six local staff.

The Embassy’s official hours are from 0800H to 1200H and 1300H to 1700H, Mondays to Fridays. Consular office hours are from 0900H to 1600H.