• Accomplished Report of Birth Form
   • Notarized English Translation of the Myanmar Birth Certificate authenticated by the Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs, original and three (3) copies
   • Marriage Certificate of the parents (if applicable), original and four (4) copies
   • Data page of the father’s passport, original and four (4) copies
   • Data page of the mother’s passport, original and four (4) copies
   • Affidavit of Late Registration of Birth, if the Report of Birth at the Embassy is made one year after the child’s birth


   If the parents of the newborn are not legally married, these documents may be required, where applicable:

      • Affidavit of Admission of Paternity (AAP), accomplished by the child’s father, to be signed before a consular officer of the Embassy.
      • Affidavit to Use the Surname of the Father (AUSF), accomplished by the child’s mother, to be signed before a consular officer of the Embassy.


   If the father’s whereabouts is unknown, a Personal Handwritten Instrument (PHI, such as a personal letter) written by the father which states his acknowledgment of his paternity of the child and a copy of the father’s identification (such as a passport).


   If the child is being applied for a Philippine passport, the following must be prepared:

      • Confirmed appointment and passport application form
      • The infant must be brought to the Embassy for the Report of Birth registration, which will include photo image capturing for the infant’s Philippine passport.


    Service fees:

Report of Birth ~ USD25.00
Legalization of AAP or PHI ~ USD25.00
Legalization of AUSF ~ USD25.00
Certificate of Registration fee ~ USD25.00
Affidavit of Late Registration ~ USD25.00
Passport fee ~ USD60.00